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March 28

Started the morning with a walking tour of Cologne, first settled about 15 B.C. by Romans. It's heyday was in the 1200s before the Middle Ages when it was the biggest city in Europe.  Cologne is now the 4th largest city in Germany with a population of 1,025,000.  (The three larger cities are:  Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.)
This photo was taken through the window of the Roman Germanic Museum of a mosaic made up of 2 million pieces discovered in the mid-1990s.  
Stones from the Roman period.  Moved from another location.
Part of Roman sewage system.
Another excavation of Roman Medieval private dwellings.

One of the oldest town halls in Europe.
90% of the center city of Cologne was reduced to rubble during W.W. II.  These colorful, narrow residences were not. 
 Modern concert hall in front of Cologne Cathedral.  Concert hall is underground; pedestrians are directed to walk around it during concerts so as not to disturb the concert goers.
Unloading for afternoon concert.

St. Mary's of Himmelfahrt Church.
German connections come to concert:  Christian Schmidt with his godmother.
Emily Hines with friend of her grandmother's.
First half of the concert is American music:  Jazz and Copland!
Ronald, Jake and Dan
Christian Schmidt makes concert introductions to enthusiastic audience.
Dr. D was very happy with first orchestra performance!

Moving Crew
Back to Cologne Cathedral to catch 6 pm Mass.  One entrance.  The front facade is the longest of all European Cathedrals.  The Cologne Cathedral is the 5th largest in Europe.  (Other four:  St. Peter's in Rome; Westminster in London; Notre Dame in Paris and the Duomo in Milan)
Peak inside, but photo just doesn't do it justice.  There are 110,000 square feet of stained glass. The Cathedral was begun in 1248, but not finished until 1880.  Took a long time to finish because of lack of funds,  particularly after those Lutherans began spreading the word that the sale of indulgences was not right.
Another view from inside.  
Another wonderful late dinner at the hotel and everyone is just chilling.  Great day of music making! Head to Stuttgart tomorrow!