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March 27

Visit today to Bonn, the capitol of West Germany from after WWII until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In 1990, the capitol was returned to Berlin, but six ministries stayed in the city (86% of the Bonn workforce prior to this worked for the German government.)  
View of Frederick Wilhelm University (28,000 students), the palace was originally built for bishops of the Roman Catholic Church.  Cost to attend:  700 Euros per year.  Goebbels and Marx are among students who attended this university.
Our guide was very knowledgeable.
Miracle of the Madonna (survived the 1770 fire at the palace, French tried to pull her down with ropes, but 2 soldiers killed in the process, and finally survived bombings in WW II.)
  Bonner Munster (What's the difference between a cathedral and a Munster?  Monastery associated with the church.)  
Bonner Munster houses the remains of the Patron Saints of Bonn, Cassius and Florentius, Roman soldier executed for refusing to persecute Christians.  Outside the Munster, are statues of their two heads, donated anonymously in the 1970s.
Statue of Beethoven in the City Center unveiled on the composer's 75th birthday.  Short of funds, composer and pianist Franz Liszt, donated the last 20% of the needed funds and started a Beethoven Festival which continues to this day. 
Another view of the Bonner Munster.
Waiting for tour of Beethoven Haus, the home the composer was born in.  He spent the first 22 years of his life in Bonn before moving to Vienna until he died.

Jazz Combo plays at Flower Festival.
Neil Carson
Carrie Furniss
The flowers. . . .

Happy. . . brats and ice cream today!
Walk to ferry.
Two Bonn Skyscrapers:  United Nations and taller DHL Building
Thank you to our tour guides for this ferry ride!  Achem lives in Bonn and was happy to show off his beautiful city. 
A great dinner at the hotel and now everyone is hard at work practicing for tomorrow's concert.  Should be ready for another good night's sleep!