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March 26

Arrived safely in Dusseldorf

Loading the bus...

We hear Michael already called his parents...

Bus 2 - Ready to go!

Dussel River

Hunting Palace, now Goethe Museum

A little rainy, but getting a little exercise and lunch in Dusseldorf.

Central Dusseldorf

Don't think anyone was awake on the hour bus ride to Cologne.  Mr. Harris outside the hotel.
Lindt Chocolate Museum, right across from hotel.
Easter Time at the Chocolate Museum!  Free samples from chocolate fountain!
Did we mention unbelievable chocolate cake, too!
After our visit to the Lindt Museum, we walked along the Rhine River to dinner and saw the beautiful Cologne Cathedral.
Another view!  We'll go back on Sunday to see the inside and attend a concert.
Last photo to upload today.  Dinner was fabulous, especially the apple strudel!  Everyone is in bed and guarantee they will all sleep well tonight.  Should be adjusted to time change by morning and be ready for another day!  We'll get the phone cards worked out tomorrow so you should be hearing from your children if you haven't already.