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April 3

Internet service in the hotel the past two nights has been very slow and you are logged out every 30 minutes and have to start over.  Will post more blog when we get back to Chicago.

All of your  children have been wonderful and we are so proud of each of them.  Know you are anxious to have them back home and to hear all about the tour.  Thank you for letting us guide them here; it was very rewarding to get better acquainted and watch them take in so much new, as well as experience rehearsing and performing music on a concert tour.

See you in Chicago soon!

We're back!  Great tour and flight back!  Here's some photos from this morning:
Last minute advice in hotel lobby from Mr. D.
Love the hat!  Many of this style appeared on the tour.
Kim Clawson outside the hotel.  Liz's dad met up with us on his way back from the Mideast and was happy to hear our concerts because he had missed so many this year because he travels to the Mideast frequently as an architect.
Last time to pack up the large instruments on the bus!  
At the airport with Peter, our bus driver.  Peter became a fan of classical music!
One last trip to a Backerie in the airport.
Thank you to our leaders/chaperones:  Jarrard, Jessica, Robert and Autumn!
Check in went smoothly.  Thank you Lufthansa!
Liz gets the prize for the best packer.  Pink backpack is all she took besides her big bass. 
All aboard!